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Blue Label


MINT PIE (Indoor Hybrid)
THC:  24.24% CAN:  28.58%

Mint Pie is a popular new strain that is crossed with Animal Mints and the classic Bubba Kush.  Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor, Mint Pie brings on well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency thanks to its super heavy avg. THC level. Mint Pie has a fabulously sharp minty taste with hints of fresh coffee and earthy cookies. The aroma is of earthy sweet woods and rich spicy coffee with a heavy kick of mint.

Mint Pie web.png
Fruit Cake web.png


Fruitcake is a hybrid crossed with Sherbet Dreams and Cherry Pie. The bud structure is satisfyingly complex, with dark green coloration highlighted by purple and orange hairs. As advertised, the aroma is fruity & sweet, with citrus notes that linger behind the classic kush smell. The cannabis strain Fruitcake is highly unlike its counterpart of an actual fruitcake. I can almost guarantee you no one will re-gift this Fruitcake nor toss it in the trash.  Its aroma will invite you to try it, being sweet and fruity as it lives up to its namesake.

FRUIT CAKE  (Indoor Hybrid)
THC:  23.34%  CAN:  27.65%




Blue Label is a collab with Cali Kosher. Cali Kosher is a farm in Patterson California that complies with a strict policy of kosher laws.  These laws include some of the highest standards of purity and quality. They take great care to ensure that every operation on their farm follows these standards as one of the only Kosher Cannabis farms in the United States. The farm is regularly inspected and certified by a Rabbi.


A San Francisco Equity Brand.  DCCX creates an innovative range of boutique "small batch" lifestyle products focused on conscious consumption.

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