This is DCCX

DCCX means 710 in Roman Numerals. 710 spells Oil upside down and July 10th is the cannabis concentrate holiday of the year, similar to 420.

We are a locally crafted Equity brand grown, manufactured, and distributed in San Francisco.  Our focus is to make small batch craft products in the city that defines itself by the “Makers Movement”.


DCCX stays true to the movement by pairing high quality craft flower and concentrates with high level branding.


Our main goal is to lead innovation and create a range of boutique, small batch, lifestyle products focusing on high-end healthy consumption.


DCCX is proud to be one of the first equity certified brands in San Francisco, CA.

Ivan Castro

Founder & CEO

As the Co-Founder and CEO of DCCX Brand, Inc., Ivan Castro brings over 15 years of experience in business management within both corporate and cannabis spaces.


Ivan has always been committed to shared access of information about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and responsible cultivation. His background includes completing Oaksterdam University’s courses in canna-business and horticulture. As a Prop 215 cultivator, he co-developed a variety of strains that were used in pain salves and other wellness products. Through his dedication to the success of DCCX, the brand has prominent shelf space in several well-established San Francisco dispensaries like Burners On Haight. 


The DCCX Brand is the result of hard work and passion to legitimately bring high-quality cannabis products to San Francisco dispensaries under the San Francisco Equity Program.  As a 4th generation San Franciscan, Ivan is realizing his goal of expanding access of local cannabis to his community. Ivan continues to contribute to the development and expansion of the San Francisco Office of Cannabis’s Equity Program. His efforts have resulted in DCCX being one of the first certified Equity Brands in San Francisco, CA.